Pablo, 26, Mexico

I'd never thought about HIV. Until I got it.

I never had sex education at school. Sex, condoms and HIV just weren't talked about in the world I grew up in. That's why I faced so many problems when I was young. I wasn't accepted. Always felt different. My classmates treated me as an outcast because I'm gay. I was often bullied. Even beat up.

PabloBecause of the lack of information, I had no idea how important condoms are. I have now been HIV positive for four years.

I went through difficult times, until I realised that negative thinking was getting me nowhere. Of course I face problems that my peers don't face - dating someone, for example, can be difficult. But in general, I live in just the same way as most people of my age. I work to realise my dreams. I love my friends and family. I just want to have fun.

I look at life positively to deal with my HIV - and I'm convinced that this is the way forward for most young people in my situation. Through my work with dance4life, I try to reach out to young people all over the world. To share my experiences, and listen to their story. Challenge discrimination. And create change.

Break the silence around HIV and share this story!

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