WP_000826dance4life Indonesia started in 2010. The NCO of dance4life Indonesia is RutgersWPF Indonesia, working with young people in Jakarta, Yogjakarta, Jambi, Lampung and Papua.

Situation in Indonesia

In Indonesia it is assumed that young people who aren't married don't have sex - they don't buy condoms for fear of being judged, or get tested for HIV or receive basic information about sex. Assistance for teen pregnancies outside of marriage is not legal and it's also forbidden to access contraceptives when you're not married. Because of cultural, psychological and communication norms, communication with parents is rare and talking about sex in public remains a taboo. Under-age marriage is still common in Indonesia and even likely to be reinforced officially, thanks to the increasing influence of religious fundamentalism, stating that early marriage  is permissible to prevent pre-marital sex.

However, the trend in Indonesia is that young people are becoming sexually active at a younger age and marry later. Not recognizing these changing sexual practices has severe consequences, like unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortion and HIV infection. At the moment, there are 310,000 people living with HIV in Indonesia. The prevalence among youth between 15-49 years is 0,27%

Through a recent Law on Health, the Indonesian Government seems committed to guaranteeing some essential SRH rights, including abortion and contraception. But until now, these intentions are not translated into operational policies yet.

Our work in Indonesia

dance4life Indonesia currently implements the dance4life schools programme, giving young people the right information about sex, sexuality and HIV. Besides that, dance4life Indonesia is exploring new mobile opportunities. More than 70% of teenagers in Indonesia have their own mobile phone, the majority being advanced phones with mobile internet access.

In a country where the sexuality of youth is a taboo, mobile phones allow us to communicate sensitive information directly to young people without them needing to be afraid of being 'discovered' or 'outed' for being sexually active. There is an opportunity to use the strong dance4life brand and methodology to launch an SMS and mobile internet quiz to reach even more young people and inform them about two things: how to practice safe sex and protect themselves; and how to access youth-friendly services.


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