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  • Celebrating 20 years ICPD!

    07.04.2014 | Sara Vida Coumans, Advocacy

    This year, 2014, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action (PoA)! Twenty years ago 179 UN Member States committed to a Programme of Action was historical in the sense that development frameworks till that point had not been rights based. For the first time in history, the ICPD PoA shifted the development discourse into a people centered approach based on human rights.

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  • The training that cannot be named

    24.03.2014 | Koen Böhm, Training

    “You do know that we are not allowed to advocate here?” I’m sitting in a café in Addis Ababa after quite a surreal week. I’m about to leave tonight and a lot of thoughts are going through my mind. I knew about the political situation in Ethiopia, but to experience it, if only for a week, and only as a bystander, is still something different.

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  • Kicking off in Ghana

    22.11.2013 | Koen Bohm, Project visit

    Imagine that one day you walk into a room with 23 others. You all are about to be trained in the dance4life method called the Heart Connection Tour. You need to learn this quickly as in 4 days you will be performing before 200 kids. But that’s not all; on the second day of the training you hear that you will do the dance4life drill on World Aids Day in front of at least 1000 people. That is exactly what is happening here in Tamale, Ghana.

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  • dance4life in Indonesia - a success story worth sharing

    07.11.2013 | Nina Pavlovska, Country visit

    Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world. Also, the HIV epidemic in Indonesia is among the fastest growing in Asia. By September 2012, it was estimated that there were 333,200 people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Indonesia. The cumulative number of reported AIDS cases has risen sharply from 2,682 cases in 2004 to 39,434 by September 2012. From this number, 4 percent of the total AIDS cases belongs to 15-19 years old group, and the highest percentage (42,3%) is found in 20-29 years old group. Moreover, despite the religious and traditional context, according to the survey of the Family Planning Department of the Indonesian government 63% of the young people have premarital sex. All of the above point out the urgent need of young people to have access to information and services regarding their sexual and reproductive health. And that is where the dance4life programme comes in.

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  • The real reason why International Youth Day is important

    16.08.2013 | Yoli Sanchez, Youth Involvement

    So, last Monday, August 12, it was International Youth Day. I want to talk about how it’s important that a day like this is commemorated everywhere. It’s not necessarily about congratulating young people: age is a thing that happens to us. It’s hardly a personal achievement a personal achievement to be any particular age (with the exceptions of some countries and very poor contexts and getting to a very old age of course).

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  • Why our programmes need to be both fun and effective

    05.08.2013 | Yoli Sanchez, Project visit Indonesia

    My colleague Nina and I just visited Indonesia. Nina in her capacity as manager for both our Indonesia dance4life programme and the SRHR Alliance programme (of which dance4life is part), and me as Monitoring and Evaluation support. We knew it was going to be a special week, since we were visiting in the middle of Ramadan. A special time for Muslims, where people abstain, among other things, from eating and drinking while the sun is up. It was going to be a challenge, but the commitment of our partners showed through, and they worked very hard!

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  • So, what does SRHR actually mean (and why is it so important)

    29.07.2013 | Koen Bohm, Advocacy

    ‘We call on Governments to ensure the implementation of all human rights obligations related to the ICPD PoA, including obligations relating to sexual and reproductive rights.’ So, this is pretty clear isn’t it? Or do I need to say more?

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  • Sarah and Akmal and their search for education

    17.06.2013 | Susan van Esch, Project visit Pakistan

    Sarah and Akmal are respectively 12 and 16 years old and attend secondary school. Like every teenager around the world they see their bodies changing, they develop feelings and have all kinds of questions and worries about that. However, they live in a closed society and unlike some other teenagers in other parts of the world, they don’t have a person, institution or website to turn to in order to learn more about how and why their bodies are changing and why they have these feelings.

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  • Let sex be fun, for everyone (After all, it is how we have been made)

    12.06.2013 | Viyon Hammond, dance4life manifesto

    I had my first sexual encounter at the age of 16 years. Yes, it was consensual, yes it was protected and yes, it was the most natural and most beautiful thing in the world for me at that time!

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  • Yet no constitution for Nepal, but there is hope!

    27.05.2013 | Katinka Lansink Dodero, Project visit Nepal

    Being not even one week in Nepal, we have been learning a lot about the country. It feels like we have been following a crash course in Nepalese studies, dealing with political, social and economical aspects within the great variety of cultures in Nepal. Especially as we arrived in a particular exciting time in Nepal, we got many insights. This week, the date of the Constituent Assembly election will be decided, hopefully, as everything is possible…

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