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Awesome things are happening at dance4life in South Africa. Thanks to a new partnership with loveLife, dance4life will reach 1 million young South Africans this year.

It's been a busy month in South Africa. Together with loveLife dance4life is training 1230 peer motivators (or: groundBREAKERs). After that, another 7.000 volunteers will be trained over the next two months. Together, the peer motivators and the volunteers will reach over 1 million young Southg Africans this year. Face-to-face, with comprehensive sexuality education.

The programme of dance4life and loveLife is called Body Vibes. loveLife works in 9 provinces in South Africa, in 910 communities and on 7.500 schools - that's 20 % of all schools in the country. With a variety of programmes focusing on personal devolopment and Sexual & Reproductive Health 1 million young people will be reached.

The programme consists of one inspire session, five educate sessions and additional workshops next year, to create sustainibility. The main issues facing youth in South Africa are HIV/AIDS and sexual violence. The target group will be from 15 to 18, expanding in the following years to the age of 10 to 14 and 19 to 24.


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