A sustainable future

We like to be bold. Together with our partners, we want to empower more than 5 million young people to take charge of their own, healthy sexual lives and belief in their future, by 2030. We want to continue playing a part of young peoples’ improved sexual health. Dance4Life continues to grow and serve new communities in the countries in which we operate.

Our 2030 Goal

In 2016-2017 we reviewed our empirical insights in the field of peer education together with our international partner network and, taking on board key knowledge from our interventions, we’re now excited to offer a new social franchise program to increase our global footprint. Our current global network includes 17 franchisees, and we aim to grow this number to 30 inspiring partners by 2020 and 60 by 2030.

Our Trainers4Life, network of partners, and regional liaisons help us ensure quality control on the ground as well as identify areas best suited for growth. A localized dance4life model is then contextualized to the needs of local youth, putting local NGOs well and truly in the driving seat of change. Joining Dance4Life as a social franchise gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young adults across the world using the proven Journey4Life intervention.

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“Nearly every problem has been solved by someone, somewhere.”

-Bill Clinton

A changing landscape

We believe the social franchise model is a robust model that can go head to head with the SRHR challenges we currently face. It’s our way of contributing to change in the current donor-driven landscape and inspiring robust cultures of local ownership among our partners.

As global power shifts from a model of supporting development aid via conduits in the Global North to collaborating directly with localized NGOs, a new opportunity presents itself in the Global South. Increasingly, governments in the northern hemisphere are cutting down aid in the development sector, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is no exception. The increasing focus on globalized aid can be viewed as a welcome development, helping to depoliticise international NGOs, bringing a renewed focus to localized aid.

We see a new opportunity for independence, equality, and agency – for local humanitarian organizations. At Dance4Life, we believe the social franchise model is part of the solution to transferring our know-how and years of evidence-backed experience. The power of the social franchise is in replicating a proven social change project – in this case – our Journey4Life. Operating as a social franchise allows for rapid innovation as highly motivated franchisees unite to tackle similar issues. Operating under a shared brand often makes it easier to influence policy.