We are proud! As of 2015 we are part of an inspiring network called GlobalGiving: the first and largest global crowdfunding community!

GlobalGiving connects nonprofits, individual donors, corporates and foundations in nearly every country around the world. Together with them we work on growing our network an finding heart connected supporters that share our dream and want to invest in the dance4life cause: a world in which all young people can be sexually healthy.

Currently, dance4life features 3 different projects on GlobalGiving:

Support our ChangeMakers:

The dance4life ChangeMakers are a completely youth-led group that advocates for the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. They envision a world in which young people enjoy health care and well-being, free from coercion, discrimination, and violence. And they demand the rights of young people to lead a healthy, joyful, safe and meaningful life free from unsafe sex, unintended pregnancies, dangerous abortions, gender-based violence and other related problems.

Support the ChangeMakers by donating now:

$25 enables 1 youth-to-youth consultation  
$100 supports the capacity building of a ChangeMaker.

HIV Prevention Skills for 300 Zambian Teens:

Unsafe sex has become the fastest-growing health threat to young people, for girls it is even the number 1 health risk. Zambia has the second largest HIV epidemic globally with daily infections as high as 200 each day. We are determined to change this. In the poor outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, dance4life empowers young people to be the change they want to see, to develop the personal leadership skills they need for healthy sexual choices and relationships and to feel confident about their future.

Donate $50 to this project and help train one peer educator
Donate $70 to help organize one Activate event in the community reaching at least 50 people.  

Life Skills for 100 Russian Orphans:

Over 70.000 children are being raised in Russian orphanages. Most of them do not get the opportunities to critically assess and establish themselves, which makes it very hard for them to become successful later in life. In these orphanages, dance4life will create a space where adolescents will feel comfortable to talk about sensitive topics. We will build the confidence and personal leadership of 100 teens by providing them with the knowledge and negotiation skills they need to avoid the consequences of unsafe sex.

Empower these orphans by covering the $70 costs of an orphanage training
Donating $12 and provide one teenager from the orphanage with life skills. 

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