Our mission

The total number of agents4change since Dance4Life started in 2004 is now over 845,000 - and we are proud to say that our total reach is now over 2.1 million young people. We also know that each agent4change shares acquired knowledge with an estimated 5 other people, meaning that Dance4Life has indirectly reached over 4 million individuals!

Imagine a world where all young adults make informed decisions about healthy and safe sex. Imagine them establishing equal and stable relationships because they have relatable examples of how to achieve one. Imagine young women getting pregnant only when they are ready to have start a family. Imagine the social and economic progress if we channel the collective youth energy to its fullest.

Dance4Life beliefs the impact can be tremendous and with long lasting impact. That is why we invest in youth by specializing in youth empowerment. We believe deeply that real change always starts from within. It starts when every individual discovers their inner power. Their own potential. That is the real game changer.

Where do I want to be in 5 years?’, ‘What kind of family do I want to have?’, ‘What kind of relationships are important to me?’

We see self-confidence as the most crucial driver for change in order to make our vision a reality. Because confident young people will be able to articulate what they need to others. To their peers, parents, teachers and mentors: their circle of influence. Unlock this and young people everywhere will become role models. Shining examples inspiring others to follow.

Empowerment is our currency and we plan to invest it wisely.

Our innovative approach to comprehensive sexuality education empowers young boys and girls to take personal leadership over their sexual lives. We harness youth culture like music and dance to create awareness and offer young people skills to build self-esteem and autonomy. To make them courageous.

Dance4Life’s ULTIMATE GOAL is to decrease the prevalence of three of the biggest sexual health threats young people face today: HIV, unwanted pregnancies and sexual and gender based violence.