Our impact

Since 2004, dance4life has reached over 2 million young people, of which 800,000 have become agents4change. Several internal and external researches show that participating in the dance4life program has a positive effect on young people’s behavior. 

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Healthy young people

With our programs we provide young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed decisions to protect their sexual health. The impact studies we performed in the last years show the positive effects of joining the dance4life program on these determinants.

Young people have more knowledge and are better capable of making safe and informed decisions when it comes to young people’s sexual reproductive health and rights. Their intention of using some form of contraception increases and they are more willing to talk with their teachers and parents about these topics.

Some examples:
  • In India, the knowledge on STIs almost doubled from 45.9% to 78.4%, after joining dance4life.
  • In Tanzania young people show an increase in their capacity to make safe and informed decisions from 49.2% to 75.4%
  • In Uganda, this same number increased from 18 to 60%

An external impact studies, performed by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Uganda, Russia and the Netherlands, shows the positive effect of the dance4life program on the attitude of young people towards people living with HIV. After joining dance4life, young people are more confident to talk about issues related to their sexual health. A research Motivation in the Netherlands shows the positive effects on young people’s knowledge on HIV and AIDS and their attitude towards contraception and testing.

Youth-friendly society

Changing young people’s behavior alone is not enough. Without a supportive environment, in which young people can make safe sexual choices and have access to youth friendly services, change simply won’t last. That’s why we aim to make a visible difference in their environment, by advocating towards parents, teachers and governments. And we always involve young people, in their own community and at regional, national and international level.

Successes on national level

  • In 2014 our local partner in India, Restless Development was actively involved in designing the National Youth Policy of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. As a result the topic of child marriage is now one of the major Social Justice chapters of this policy.
  • Our partner in Peru, Apropo, had a similar role in the implementation of the national policy. One of our Youth Council members took part in the implementation committee and a plan about teenage pregnancy was put into motion.

Successes on international level

  • At international level dance4life has contributed, together with allies and partners, to a resolution at the Commission on Population and Development 47th session in 2012. The resolution calls upon governments to ensure access of adolescents and youth to full and accurate information and education on sexual and reproductive health, regardless of their age or marital stage. It was the first time that the rights of young people were acknowledged in a VN resolution.
  • Together with alliance members dance4life took part in several events related to the UN’s post-2015 process. As a result UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon mentions in his report ‘The road to dignity by 2030’ that acknowledging young people’s rights is essential and that all forms of violence against women and girls need to be stopped.