Our organization


From our headquarters in Amsterdam, dance4life works together with local partners (National Concept Owners) that develop and implement our programs on the ground, in almost 20 countries around the world.

Working as a social franchise

By sharing our concept, experience and best practices, we strengthen the capacity of our partners to engage youth through more innovative solutions. In each region, our partners help us tackle the most important problems. They provide dance4life with their existing networks of schools, clinics and grass roots organizations that are experienced in implementing youth programs. This approach allows for each program to be as context-specific as possible, while still representing our core philosophy. 

Our social franchise model has enabled a number of our programs to become fully self-sustainable. Once a dance4life program has taken root in a community and stakeholders have been committed to our work, a National Concept Owner can work independently with Ministries of Health and Education, UN organizations, and health experts in their regions. Established dance4life communities in one location can then use their model to inspire other communities to join our program, creating a spillover effect that helps us reach as many young people as possible through existing infrastructures.

dance4life is a member organization of the SRHR alliance, a joint effort by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of NGOs (Rutgers, Simavi, CHOICE and AMREF Flying Doctors) that integrates the different sets of expertise of all members in addressing global SRHR problems.    


In 2003, our two founders, Dennis Karpes and Ilco van der Linde, were struck by the force of the HIV pandemic and shared a passion to use their commercial expertise to turn the problem around. They created a new way of approaching youth in schools and an iconic brand to go with it. By involving young people and engaging millions of people around the world, their vision became reality.   

In 2004, dance4life started in three countries: the Netherlands, Indonesia and South Africa. Now, dance4life has grown into an international organization, active in 5 continents. In 2007, Eveline Aendekerk became the director of taking over the baton from Ilco van der Linde. Ilco has now set up a new foundation: Masterpeace. Dennis has also taken up a new challenge by setting up the Naga foundation in 2010.

Our people

From our Amsterdam office, our team supports our local partners in developing and implementing the programs.

Our board

The members of our supervisory board are Thérèse van Schie (chairwoman), Laura Lasance, Jacobina Brinkman, Tex Gunning en Joris Aperghis.


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