Our youth councils

In most of the countries where dance4life is active, our local partners work together with a National Youth Council. Our youth councils are very important for us, helping us with the way we design our programs and reaching out to other young people.


Our youth councils consist of approximately 10 young people. These young people took part of the program themselves and made a difference in their community as agents4change. As youth council member they help our NCOs in developing, implementing and evaluating the program with very useful advise. They know exactly which SRHR issues a young person is facing in their country, they know which media are popular and what the best way is to involve their peers.

In many countries our youth councils are also involved in the advocacy activities of our NCOs. They take part in conversations with decision makers, representing the voice of all young people and showing the effects of laws and policies on their lives. Because young people stand up for the rights of other young people, the legitimacy of the advocacy activities increases. After all, they know what they’re talking about.

In some countries, depending on the size and the infracstructure, we work with youth councils per district.

Photo: our youth council in Quetta, Pakistan