Schools4Life - Dance4Life Schools programme

Hadewich Rieff

Program Manager Schools4Life

Magali van Dijk

Projectmanager Schools4Life

Mariëlle Arnoldus

Projectmanager Schools4Life


Anouk Dekkers

Community Manager Friends4Life

Suzanne van Esser

Fundraising and Partnership Manager

Francine Comstock

Partnership and Fundraising Manager

Saskia Bos

Fundraising and Events Manager

Christa Kroon

Fundraising and Events support

Partner Managers

Koen Böhm

Lead Partner Management

Saad Haroon

Partner Manager Asia

Tess Pairon

Partner en Network Manager

Marina Todesco

Monitoring and Evaluation Coördinator

Business Development

Yulia Koval-Molodtsova

Business Development Manager Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Anna Dahlman

Global business development manager


Jorik van Enck

Research and Development Manager

Nina Pavlovska

Training and Innovation Manager

Right Here Right Now

Susan van Esch

Engagement Manager

Rachel Walker

Youth Rights and Engagement Coördinator

Communication and PR

Judith Buitenhuis

Communications and Ideation specialist

Lisanne Mom

Communication and PR specialist

Kari Postma

PR and Communication specialist

Annelon Rouwendal

Visual Designer

Romy Lucassen

Stagiair RR en Communicatie


Steven Hendriks

Business Controller

Marlies Tan

HR Manager

Jens Kaandorp

Finance Assistent


Eveline Aendekerk

Executive Director

Jael van der Heijden

Director Franchise and Development